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A week ago, my friend and I flew to Bangkok without any tour itinerary nor pre-booked hotel accommodation. It was all DIY! We arrived at the Suvarnabhumi Ariport  at 12:30 am so we had to wait for the sun to show up before we can search for a nice place to stay in.

At 6:30 am we decided to get a ticket going to Pattaya since we heard a lot beautiful things in the said place. We boarded the bus at 7:30 and we were asked where we wanted to be dropped off. It was a 2 hour ride going to Pattaya. We didn’t know the place but we just decided to head north. There we met a taxi driver who speaks English well and helped us to get good deal at a hotel. We stayed at Cherry Inn hotel which cost 700 baht per day (not bad). This room is fully air-conditioned and has a mini fridge and TV.

Then we decided to go for a walk and since it was near the beach area we went to the port and finally decided to ride a boat to get to an island called Koh lan (coral island). The said beach was beautiful but was very crowded so we didn’t get to enjoy much and it did not really meet what we’ve expected.

We went back to Bangkok and stayed at Bangkok City Suites. The accommodation cost 900 baht per day and that already includes a breakfast buffet. The hotel was very nice and in the room we had a huge computer which I really love! Though the internet did not performed well as I expected.

In Bangkok, we went to Chatuchak Market where all the bargains are located. You can get clothes, cool items, food and everything else for a very low price. We also went to their famous MBK Mall where you can find items from Chatuchak but at higher price. Other places we visited were Khaosan Road, Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company, Temples (Wat Arun and Wat Pho)

Suvarnabhumi Ariport


Pattaya City


Koh Lan Island


Extraordinary Delicacies


Wat Pho – Reclining Buddha

2013-03-01 14.18.24


Khaosan Road


Train Station


Sleeper Train going to Hat Yai

313318_10152611751725707_1272483493_n 563508_10152611749430707_1164781773_n

Native Restaurant in Hat Yai

2013-03-04 10.22.31 2013-03-04 10.31.03

Super Hot and Spicy Beef dish! 50 baht including rice


Going to Malaysia!

We were thinking of getting a flight going to Malaysia but because the fare is way over our budget we decided to take the train. We wanted to go straight to Butterworth but since there no more seats available we were given a Hat Yai ticket. It was a long 16 hours railway trip. The sleeper train was neat and nice plus the whole train is fully air-conditioned so we really had to wear our jackets on!

From Hat Yai, we waited another 11 hours for the next bus trip. While we waited, we went to this restaurant where we met a nice lady who offered us the dishes she cooked. Though she didn’t understand us she went out of her way to gesture what she wanted to tell us. It was really cool! We ordered some of her special dishes and it really tastes so good except for this particular viand. It was delicious but its extremely spicy and hot!

Finally, we boarded the bus going to Malaysia and at 4:30 am we arrived in Kuala Lumpur. It was so early so we ate breakfast at Mcdonalds and then headed to Petronas Tower. This was really fun! We wanted to get a good shot of the building so we tried a dozen different angles! Luckily, the IPAD was the one that captured a great shot!

Our Flight going to Manila was at 6:30 pm, so we went strolling to this beautiful Mid Valley Mall. We stayed there for a few hours to eat and shop. I personally love this Mall because this is where I found my new favorite cosmetic brand – INGLOT!!!

Free Coffee Refills


Gorgeous Petronas Tower


Mid Valley Mall


Inglot Cosmetics at Mid Valley Mall!

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My Portfolio

Collaboration ShootCollaboration ShootCollaboration Shoot 2Collaboration Shoot 2V.Floresca CollectionV.Floresca Collection
V.Floresca CollectionE-SessionWeddingWeddingWeddingWedding
Fashion ShootFashion ShootFashion ShootFashion ShootFashion ShootCollaboration Shoot 3

Portfolio, a set on Flickr.

An Extraordinary Proposal!

Wedding Plans before wedding proposal? So extraordinary!

I met this couple a month ago and told me that they were planning to get married in march 2013 and that they would like me to be their Stylist and HMUA for their big day. I asked them if they wanted to have an e-session or prenup shoot (a term we used here in Manila) and they said yes! They wanted to have a different kind of  concept and so I shared some ideas which they immediately loved.

They chose a great location in Zambales called Capones Island. This island has the most gorgeous light house and landscape that is best for photoshoot.


When we got to the island, I thought it was easy to get to where the Light House was located. I was carrying my heavy makeup train case and a big bag full of makeup and hair products that time. I never thought that we had to literally climb to the top. It was so tiring and a bit scary because at one point we had to cling to a rope to get us to the next level.

When we got to the top, it was haven! It was really beautiful up there but I had to do my thing so I pulled out the products I need to use for the shoot.  First peg was marilyn and james dean! Here are some of the shots (photos by Julie Barcenas)

603292_10151327549319592_1351893451_n 545218_10151327548884592_617601272_n 543832_10151327549949592_697851007_n 1998_10151327549754592_1025683801_n

Second peg was Avant Garde Fashion. I borrowed this gown from a friend who’s a Designer (Belin Fliyelet) and then used a blazer and tied it at the back to give a different look.  I changed her eye shadows and lip color to match her outfit. If you notice the shoes was suppose to be a ballet shoes but since we could not find one. So, I used pink ribbons and wrapped it around her legs in a criss cross manner.

603311_10151327550569592_981513685_n 418090_10151327550264592_607156365_n

Third Peg was Bohemian Concept! This part was the most dramatic and romantic one. While we were busy directing and shooting the couple, the groom went down on his knees and from his pocket he grab a black box and reached out for her hand. He then showed her a beautiful ring and popped the most lovely question “Will you marry me?”  They started crying. I thought it was just part of the shoot then I realized it was for real. I actually witnessed the most extraordinary proposal ever. This happened at theedge of the cliff! Here are some of the photos courtesy of Julie Barcenas!

248760_10151327550724592_1827702056_n 734702_10151327551179592_497610088_n 47770_10151327551134592_160054510_n - Copy 164657_10151327551364592_1319048979_n 66414_10151327551099592_115598368_n

Hairstyle Etc!

Thank God for the Talent! I never thought I would be doing hair and makeup today. I didn’t have any formal training when it comes to hair styling but because a friend of mine (also a make up artist) needed some help for her collaboration and folio shoot, I didn’t think twice. The photographer, who shoots for FHM, just showed me some pegs of the look they want to create. So, I plugged the curling iron and started styling!

704685_10151268737402558_1398040139_o 169898_244180262377845_1851895950_o 266978_244185529043985_661947430_o 182026_244181795711025_618038798_n 177081_244181809044357_1118242082_o 266828_244180272377844_1103127169_o 177073_244180215711183_628826270_o

My friend Jayce! Did her Hair and Makeup for an Event


Photos by: Heidi Pascual-Aquende, Jaycelle Playda and

Loving Veejay Floresca’s Creations!

I had the privilege to work with the glam team! I received an sms message from the ever so gorgeous model, Farah Ramos, and asked me if I would be interested to do her hair and makeup for a collaboration shoot. I didn’t think twice and I immediately said yes.

She introduced me to her friends, Loi Villarama (a fabulous stylist) and RV Mitra (Super great photographer), and then they showed me some pegs of the look they want for the shoot.

On the day of shoot, I saw the most elegant and extravant gown ever! These gowns were created by Veejay Floresca, a famous designer in Manila. I really had a great time working with these great people and I look forward in working with them again.

The Floresca Collection!

 705972_250053308457207_198408129_o IMG_2171_s IMG_2173_s IMG_2187_s IMG_2232_s IMG_2236_v2_s
Designer: Veejay Floresca
Stylist: Loi Villarama
Photographer: Rv Mitra
Model: Farah Ramos
Hair and Makeup: Maws Francisco-Diaz

Make Up Sessions @ Work!

I love doing makeup so much that even during breaks and free time at the office I would ask my colleagues to model for me. I would just use whatever it is inside my bag and start applying the makeup on them.

I never imagined that I will be leaving my office job to become a full time Make Up Artist.

Here are some of my previous works:

!Make up: Maws Diaz

Camera 360

Camera 360


Camera 360

Camera 360

A Collaborative Shoot with Best Artists in Town!

I was creating a look (facechart) for an upcoming shoot, when I received a text message from Mr. Ito Ocampo and asked if I would be willing to do makeup for a collaborative fashion shoot on September 15, Saturday . I didn’t really have an idea who he was and so before I agreed I just asked how many models and if he had a website (just wanted to make sure that I was talking to a real person…hehehe). It was only on that day I’ve met Ms. Tippi Ocampo (Designer) and Farah Ramos (Model). I was sweating bullets at first but enjoyed it afterwards because Mr. Ito, Ms. Tippi and Farah were so nice, encouraging and accomodating! Thank you for the pizza!

Check out Ms. Tippi Ocampo’s unique and lovely designs!



This is soooo cool!…Design inspired by a Vigan Window

DSC_7276 (2)(1) web

DSC_7509 (2)

Made of recycled rice sacks

Check out more pics from her website Fashion with Local Flavor –

DSC_7721 (2)

Make up Products Used:
For the base, I used Make Up Forever’s HD Primer and Face and Body Foundation (combination of no. 34 and 20). Sealed the foundation with PAC’s multicolor loose powder.
For the eyes, I used Smashbox shadow pallettes and Make Up Forever’s 12 Flash Color Case
Lips, I used revlon’s lipstick in nude and added a shimmery gloss to accentuate full lips
Cheeks, I used coral and pinkish blush from Smashbox and bodyshop cheek colour no. 4

Designer: Tippi Ocampoo
Photographer: Ito Ocampo
Model:Farah Ramos
HMUA: Maws Francisco-Diaz

Make Up Forever | Maquillage Professionel | Training Days

April 14 , 21 & 28

Day 1 and 2 – Most tricky part of the course. Never thought it would be as difficult as math. Face symmetry was one of our subjects. I thought applying foundation and shaping the eyebrows was just a piece of cake. I never thought that everything needs to be measured…hahaha…but it was really fascinating when you see the results. Another challenge was choosing the right tone and color for foundation. Its a make or break thing. You don’t want your model to look too white or too dark. Combination and Mixing is the key.

For this Hands On Training, I used Make Up Forever’s Face and Body foundation No. 34 as it matches the skin color of my model. It was my first time to use liquid brow kit so I’m kind of testing what color would be best for my model’s brow. Result- too dark….Well, learned my lesson!

Day 3 – Facial Balance, Eye Shape & Lip Correction