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Loving Veejay Floresca’s Creations!

I had the privilege to work with the glam team! I received an sms message from the ever so gorgeous model, Farah Ramos, and asked me if I would be interested to do her hair and makeup for a collaboration shoot. I didn’t think twice and I immediately said yes.

She introduced me to her friends, Loi Villarama (a fabulous stylist) and RV Mitra (Super great photographer), and then they showed me some pegs of the look they want for the shoot.

On the day of shoot, I saw the most elegant and extravant gown ever! These gowns were created by Veejay Floresca, a famous designer in Manila. I really had a great time working with these great people and I look forward in working with them again.

The Floresca Collection!

 705972_250053308457207_198408129_o IMG_2171_s IMG_2173_s IMG_2187_s IMG_2232_s IMG_2236_v2_s
Designer: Veejay Floresca
Stylist: Loi Villarama
Photographer: Rv Mitra
Model: Farah Ramos
Hair and Makeup: Maws Francisco-Diaz

Maquillage Professionel | Make Up Forever

They say being a  Makeup Artist is easy. Eye shadow and blush would already complete the look but all the idea were wrong. My love for make up started when I was still in High School. In grade school  we were already taught on how to groom ourselves. Teachers would ask us to bring grooming kits that has the basic products we need like powder, gloss, comb etc.  When I reached High School, I started to add more products in the bag. I bought lipsticks (I remember my first lipstick was from MAC and its PLUM), cheek stains and pressed powder

My fascination in Make Up Artistry grew when I started reading chic magazines such as Candy, Cosmo, Vogue etc. I would try to mimic the technique by applying makeup on myself. Friends appreciate on how I put makeup and they I could try it on them. Then a friend asked me to do makeup for her bridesmaids. I was a bit hesitant since I had no formal training but with guts I accepted the challenge. With just a few products on hand I was able to do makeup for her 4 bridesmaids along with my best friend who’s also a make up enthusiast. Everything went well and that made me decide to enroll in Make Up School.

When I got in, I thought the course was as easy as one-two-three  but the knowledge I had was definitely not enough as it requires different techniques and approach. Who would have thought that Make Up Artistry and Geometry is a combination? Hewww! I though I already escaped from Math. Face symmetry is very important especially not all has a perfect eye, face, or nose shape.

I really learned a lot from Maquillage Professionel. I had very good instructors (Sir Mio Robo and Ms. Mikee Raymundo) who are very passionate with their profession and loves to share their ideas, techniques and do’s and don’ts in makeup. They’re not only professional but also fun to work with.  I would really love to advance my skill and enroll in the same school.