Hairstyle Etc!

Thank God for the Talent! I never thought I would be doing hair and makeup today. I didn’t have any formal training when it comes to hair styling but because a friend of mine (also a make up artist) needed some help for her collaboration and folio shoot, I didn’t think twice. The photographer, who shoots for FHM, just showed me some pegs of the look they want to create. So, I plugged the curling iron and started styling!

704685_10151268737402558_1398040139_o 169898_244180262377845_1851895950_o 266978_244185529043985_661947430_o 182026_244181795711025_618038798_n 177081_244181809044357_1118242082_o 266828_244180272377844_1103127169_o 177073_244180215711183_628826270_o

My friend Jayce! Did her Hair and Makeup for an Event


Photos by: Heidi Pascual-Aquende, Jaycelle Playda and


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