Make Up Forever | Maquillage Professionel | Training Days

April 14 , 21 & 28

Day 1 and 2 – Most tricky part of the course. Never thought it would be as difficult as math. Face symmetry was one of our subjects. I thought applying foundation and shaping the eyebrows was just a piece of cake. I never thought that everything needs to be measured…hahaha…but it was really fascinating when you see the results. Another challenge was choosing the right tone and color for foundation. Its a make or break thing. You don’t want your model to look too white or too dark. Combination and Mixing is the key.

For this Hands On Training, I used Make Up Forever’s Face and Body foundation No. 34 as it matches the skin color of my model. It was my first time to use liquid brow kit so I’m kind of testing what color would be best for my model’s brow. Result- too dark….Well, learned my lesson!

Day 3 – Facial Balance, Eye Shape & Lip Correction


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